Moal Alniel, Elsudanien Band

Producer: Suat Küçükaydın
Line Producer: Uğur İleri
Director: Sinem Cezayirli
DOP: Bilal Eroğlu
Edit / Post Production: Can Taluğ
Lighting crew: Eng. Almoeez Mohamed and Eng. Zohir Ahmed
Production supervision: Mahmoud Algaily
Abd Elslam Abdoun
Location management: Ahmed Khorshid
Banga Badwi
Playback: Ahmed Salah
© 2013 Cezayirli Production. All rights reserved.
Lyrics & Music composition: Mamdouh Tahir Farid
Music Arrangements: Mohamed Jazar & Mamdouh Tahir Farid
Performed by: Elsudanien Band
Lead vocal & piano: Mohamed Jazar
Lead& rhythm guitar& B.Vocal: Mamdouh Tahir
Backing vocal & Keyboard: Shab Amir
Bass guitar: Tarif T.elsir
Keyboard: Mustafa Mamoun
Drums: Mohamed Jazar
Sound Recording: SYNC Multimedia Production studios
Sound Engineer: Eng. Tarif T.elsir
All the scenes were filmed on the island of Totti in the city of Khartoum
Many thanks and appreciation goes to the people of Totti for helping in producing this beautiful piece

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